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We are M & D:

M headshot M (left) is currently a stay-at-home mommy, having happily left the corporate world when we moved here from Philadelphia.  She is bright, sensitive and shy, and especially loves Latin American novelists.

D (right) is a PhD computer nerd and ex-musician, with an eye for photography. He is creative, diverse, perceptive, passionate, and focused.
D with strawberry cake

We are thoughtful, curious and caring. We recycle, floss our teeth, and respect our neighbors and elders. We don't drink, smoke or watch TV.  We are health conscious and mostly vegetarian, but not dogmatic, trendy or superstitious about it.  

We strongly support peace, human rights and environmental organizations. (Here are a photo journal that D made of a trip to Guatemala and an article about D's parents that reflect some of our values.)  We have produced and distributed over 10,000 MAKE JOBS, NOT WAR bumper sticker bumper stickers (available free on our other Web site) in an effort to stop Bush's invasion of Iraq.  We also host a monthly "Peace Potluck" letter writing dinner at our home.  We are also active in support of clean air rights / smoke-free air.  Here is a news photo of us attending the signing of the Massachusetts smoke-Free workplace law.

We also like hosting fun or creative events. For example, for one event we temporarily converted the first floor of our house into an art gallary and hosted an show of a friend's photography. Each autumn we have a Basil Harvest / Pesto Making Party with our friends and housemates. Last fall we made 92 quarts of pesto! (Yes, we still have some in the freezer.) Here are snapshots from those events. We also love traveling (see countries visited). We haven't traveled much lately, since having children, but we still have friends we made years ago in other countries. But mostly, we like simple things, such as talking, reading (especially M), household and creative projects (especially D), or making dinner together with housemates or friends. Although we love our new home in the Boston area (a big old Victorian house), we know that our family comes first, so we are willing to relocate anywhere if necessary.

We are informal and open about meeting new people, and we prefer to meet in person as soon as practical, because it really helps in making someone seem "real".  Emotional intimacy is more important to us than physical intimacy, although we love physical intimacy too!  (Sometimes kinky, sometimes not.)  For us, physical intimacy is based on emotional intimacy.  In the lingo of polyamory we would be considered polyfidelitous: we are not interested in "outside" sexual relationships. We're very attachment-oriented.  We want a relationship based on shared values, smooth communication and lasting devotion.

We met indirectly on through M's mother almost 17 years ago -- a funny story in itself, which we'll tell you sometime. Here is an excerpt from D's original ad:

"[What do I like?] . . . I love fresh homemade bread, pasta, and a good greek salad with fresh, real tomatoes (not the plastic things you get in the supermarket). My best meal ever was eaten on the Greek island of Ithaca. There were four of us, and it was the only place to eat on the island, so you basically took whatever they made that day. And they made everything themselves. Freshly baked bread, maybe some mousaka, fresh watermelon that was grown right there on the island and sold by this crazy kid who walked around yelling "Karpoozi, karpoozi, karpoozi!" (Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon!) at the top of his lungs, though the only people around were us four tourists. All of the vegetables in the salad were picked fresh from right there on the island. It was wonderful. We had Oranginas to drink, and watermelon for dessert. And the total bill for the four of us was about $10. But that was 10 years ago. (There are other things I like, of course. That just happened to be the first thing that popped into my head.) . . . ."

M & D
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