Our Position / Talking Points

[Editor's note: These were written before Bush invaded Iraq.  They are still interesting to reflect upon.]

It is always best to write your own feelings in your own words, but here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Saddam is a brutal dictator, and no one pretends otherwise. But Saddam isn't the one who will suffer in the event of war. The Iraqi people have virtually no control over these events, yet they are the ones who will suffer the most. Many thousands are likely to be killed, maimed or left homeless.

2. Bush speaks of "fighting terrorism". But a war on Iraq would immediately rain terror on hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens. "Terror to fight terror" is wrong. 

3. A US invasion of Iraq would breed MORE worldwide terrorism, not less. Bush's arrogant disregard for rest of the world community is precisely what causes the deep-rooted hatred toward America that breeds terrorism like we experienced on 9/11/01.

4. Invading a nation that has not attacked us, nor shown clear and immediate plans to attack us, is horribly wrong. 

5. A preemptive invasion of Iraq would set an extremely dangerous precedent for other nations of the world. Other nations may be all too willing to follow our example and invade their own favorite "enemy states" that they think MIGHT threaten them in the future. 

6. UN weapons inspections clearly WERE working. They were preventing Saddam from amassing weapons that could threaten the world. Every day the inspections continued was another small victory for peace and world security.

7. Millions of people around the world are speaking out against this illegal and unjust war.