- Peace Potluck

Peace Potluck - Hosting Suggestions

On February 20, 2003, we held our first “Peace Potluck” in our home. It was a big success and we mailed out over 110 letters/postcards to congressmen, editors, UN Security Council members and presidential candidates!  We encourage others to host their own Peace Potluck. 

Whom to Invite?

Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people you meet on the subway - anyone!  Invite people you do not know very well even if you are uncertain of their position on a war in Iraq. At the least it will stimulate discussion; at best, you may have another person at the gathering to write letters.  

We even sent invitations to friends who are thousands of miles away and we knew couldn't come. Why? To let them know what we're doing, and to encourage them to host their own Peace Potluck.

Advance Preparation


Look up your local:

Supplies to Have On Hand

Schedule of the Evening

6:30pm Potluck & Socialize
7:00pm Welcome & Goals for the Evening
7:15pm Letter writing (& Socialize!)
9:30pm Cleanup & Say goodnight

Welcome & Goals for the Evening

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. Set goals:
    a. Have fun
    b. Write as many letters as possible.
    c. Optional: Have one or more guest(s) volunteer to host their own Peace Potluck.
  3. Share suggested Talking Points, and discuss ideas
  4. Share resources (other peace organizations, Web sites, etc.)
  5. Discuss potential recipients for letters (Government representatives, newspapers, magazines, organizations that you want to encourage, organizations that you want to discourage)
  6. Announce any upcoming peace events (including your next Peace Pot Luck!)
  7. (Optional, but fun) Tell people to ring a virtual bell (yell "Ding!") each time they finish a letter.

Do you have other suggestions?

Tell us!