About is a Boston-area Web site started by Melora Rush and David Booth in response to Bush's plan to invade and conquer Iraq.  


We host a monthly Peace Pot Luck (letter writing dinner).  We also created  "MAKE JOBS, NOT WAR" bumper stickers.  

Financial is supported entirely by David Booth, Melora Rush and any donations that we receive to help offset our costs.  To date we have printed and distributed over 8000 "MAKE JOBS, NOT WAR" bumper stickers in the Boston area, funded mostly from our own pockets, though we gladly accept donations100% of donations go directly to the cost of printing and distributing these stickers.  All overhead is donated by us.  All labor is volunteer by us and our friends.  

David and Melora (pregnant with twins)
David and Melora (pregnant with twins)